Collaboration Methodology

"Collaboration isn't about giving up our individuality, it's about realizing our greater potential."

 - Josheph Rain

Society’s current mindset places far more value on competition than it does on cooperation and collaboration. Although most nonprofits recognize the importance of collaboration leadership is often frustrated by its inability to successfully incorporate it as a core strength. Many non-profits talk about and make efforts to collaborate with other entities and yet the lack of a coherent process causes many of these collaborations to fail or be marginally successful. Some of the challenges faced by the non-profit community include overlapping services, people in need not knowing where to go for services, and organizations competing for financial resources and talent.


Observing these types of challenges, we as the question: Can you imagine what mission delivery would look like in communities if organizations were working together effectively in a mutually beneficial way?  With that question in mind we have developed a collaboration methodology that includes a four-phase process that truly supports collaborative efforts and successful outcomes.


  1. Establish a vested commitment to a shared mission and to assessing the capacity to execute it.

  2. Define guidelines to establish a steady, clear and strong working relationship through conscious communication.

  3. Define a suitable working system that supports collaborative work, captures best practices and measures outcomes.

  4. Create a mutually supportive collaborative partnership(s) to enable long-term success.

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