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International Strategic Solutions for NGOs'


"Who we are and what we believe in are inseparable from how we show up in the world an make a difference."


- Valeria Alarcon

VIA Consulting LLC. provides innovative solutions, best practices and practical tools for leveraging organizations and businesses for long-term success. Our services include, but are not limited to:


-        Vision and Impact Alignment

-        Strategic Planning Facilitation, Action Plan and Implementation

-        Equity and Impact Assessment and Recommendations

-        Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training 

-        Outcomes Measurement and Metrics

-        Forecasting and Strategic Fundraising Action Plan 

-        Service Innovation and Programming

-        Social and Financial Return On Investment

-        Efficient and inclusive operational system

-        Comprehensive Talent and Project Management 

-        Hybrid and Virtual Staff Management, and Team Building Best Practices

-        Inclusive Budget Planning and Management 

-        Large Scale and Green Event Production

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