Program Development and Outcomes Measurement

"Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping."

- Julia M. Cameron

With 20 years of experience in organizational and program development we bring you a three-phase process to support and leverage long-term success.


Phase I: Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive in-depth needs assessment, including analyzing internal and external influencing factors, leveraging challenges as opportunities, and identifying cross-sector collaboration to increase meaningful impact and accelerate equity. The process includes strategic visioning, contextualizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion praxis, capacity building strategies, and transformational leadership development. Needs assessment process include a combination of organizational analysis and needs assessment, 360-degree eco-system’s analysis, equity and impact assessment to name a few.


Phase II:  Design, Implementation and Transformation

Based on the findings from Phase I, we'll design the operational and functional working systems reflective of the organization's operating principles, mission and programmatic areas. This internal equitable working system includes overall management (strategic and tactical), HR and talent management, operations and finance, fundraising, marketing and communications, Board engagement and relations, amongst other functions.


Phase III:  Annual Assessment and ROI

We conduct an annual 360 Degree Eco-System Assessment to capture internal and external influencing factors, qualitative and quantitative outcomes, and measure meaningful and equitable impact, and success indicators. These findings inform the emergent nature of organizational development and its best practices. It also captures social and environmental return on investment and identifies leveraging growth opportunities. An annual assessment captures feedback from leadership, staff, volunteers, interns and beneficiaries to evaluate and measure organizational performance and impact.

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