Program Development and Outcomes Measurement

"Growth is a spiral process, doubling back on itself, reassessing and regrouping."

- Julia M. Cameron

Through years of experience in program development we have designed a three-phase process to assure long-term success.


Phase I:  Assessment

We complete an in-depth needs assessment that identifies internal and external influencing factors, gaps and opportunities, and how to address them. The results of the assessment include defining an organization’s mission and strategic objectives, identifying best practices and capacity building opportunities, and developing leadership. We then define a suitable infrastructure from which the organization’s working systems are developed and program services can then be properly supported for success. Needs assessment tools include a combination of organizational analysis, needs assessment, 360-degree eco-system’s analysis, interviews, focus groups, and constituency surveys of staff, leadership and beneficiaries.


Phase II:  Design, Implementation and Management

Together with the organization we design the operational and program infrastructure, and working systems, which include overall management and administration responsibilities, and processes and procedures. We create a management manual that includes mission, services, roles and responsibilities, record keeping, intake process, orientation and training, policies and guidelines, retention and recognition.


The implementation process includes formal recognition by leadership and senior management in launching the program. This phase includes a staff introduction and orientation to the new program.


Phase III:  Annual Assessment and ROI

We conduct an annual 360 Degree Eco-System Assessment to capture internal and external influencing factors, qualitative and quantitative outcomes, and measure impact and success indicators. These findings determine best practices; capture return on investment, address gaps and leverage growth opportunities. An annual assessment captures feedback from leadership, staff, volunteers, interns and beneficiaries to evaluate the efficacy of the program.

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