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Catalyzing Systems
Towards Equity

"Our approach with this multifaceted body of work is both holistic and comprehensive. We are driven by our shared humanity and our intent to catalyze systems towards equity. As such, including and centering diverse voices is critical in informing meaningful systemic change at a fundamental level. Our commitment to cultivating true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is rooted in principles of learning with humility, exercising compassion and active listening, and leading through transformational change. Together we can co-create a thriving and just world for all."

Valeria Alarcón, Founder & CEO at VIA Consulting LLC. 

Thriving in the face of adversity has defined Valeria’s life, especially during her childhood while growing up in inner city Boston in the 1980s. Her life experiences as an immigrant child and Latinx-woman-of-color have shaped her in profound ways. As a result, Valeria is deeply committed to working on Social and Environmental justice, and accelerating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Valeria founded VIA Consulting LLC. in 2009, a consultancy specializing in innovative business solutions, high-level and tactical management, and accelerating race and gender equity. She’s a forward-thinking visionary, thought provoker, and a transformational leadership coach. 


VIA Consulting LLC. provides innovative solutions and comprehensive

methodologies to support clients in actualizing their vision into

meaningful and equitable impact, and long-term success. 


Valeria achieved her B.S. in Organizational Psychology from the College of Santa Fe, is certified in Diversity and Inclusion Training by Cornell University, and is AADP certified in Integrative Nutrition and Life Coaching. She's a Native of Ecuador, raised in Boston, MA and currently lives with her husband in "The Land of Enchantment" Santa Fe, New Mexico.