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Cross-Sector Collaboration Methodology

"Collaboration isn't about giving up our individuality, it's about realizing our greater potential."

 - Josheph Rain

Society’s current mindset places far more value on competition than it does on cooperation and collaboration. Although we recognize the importance of collaboration, we are often frustrated by its inability to successfully create impact. Various types of entities talk about and make efforts to collaborate across sectors, and yet the lack of a coherent process causes many of these collaborations to fail or be marginally successful. Some of the common challenges include lack of a clear and unified vision, creating and leveraging inclusivity, identifying collective impact areas, and a lack of a comprehensive process that ensures accountability and transparency, and tracks and reports on progress.


Observing these types of challenges, we ask the question: Imagine what combining expertise, efforts, talent and resources -effectively- can lead to improving communities by collaborating in a meaningful way and making equitable impact? With this question in mind we have developed a comprehensive methodology that effectively supports cross-sector collaborative efforts and achieving collective impact.


  • Identify key impact areas, and cross-sector alliance(s) from both, private and public sectors.

  • Engage, include and center diverse and affected voices to inform impact areas, formulate goals and innovate strategies.

  • Identify unified vision, key goals and collaborative guiding principles.

  • Identify and leverage cross-sector resources and capacity to achieve shared goals.

  • Define guidelines for establishing an inclusive, collaborative, accountable and transparent working relationship and framework.

  • Identify a comprehensive working system that supports cross-sector collaborative work, captures best practices, and measures and reports on outcomes.

  • Create a mutually supportive partnership(s) to ensure long-term success.

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