Founder and CEO of VIA Consulting, Valeria Alarcón, has over 20 years of combined experience in both the private and public sector, and has a strong track-record in high-level management of Social and Environmental Justice organizations. Val received her B.S. in Organizational Psychology from the College of Santa Fe, and is certified in Diversity and Inclusion training by Cornell University. Val is also AADP certified in integrative nutrition and wellness coaching. She's 


Val’s organizational development expertise was seeded while working in Boston with organizations like Nurtury (formerly known as Associated Early Care and Education) where she implemented inclusive policies in the areas of human resource management, strategic recruitment and retention, and personnel management. In addition, she designed and implemented a robust volunteer and internship program and successfully increased community engagement. As a result of Val’s track record, she was invited by United Way of Massachusetts Bay to provide training on how to design, implement, manage and assess a successful volunteer and internship program.


Her marketing skills emerged while working at KBA World Wide Marketing, a firm based out of Chicago. She managed 53 marketing accounts in Boston, Massachusetts for KBA clients like Smirnoff and Coca-Cola. In New Mexico, as a Senior Strategist for The Idea Group of Santa Fe, LLC she worked on economic development and quality of life initiatives, and marketing campaigns. 


"My life experiences have shaped me into an inclusive, resourceful, resilient,  and creative being; and these qualities come into play when working with business and organizations. Moreover, I bring a unique perspective to my work in high-level management. My perceptive ability for situational analysis is integral in assessing a company’s dynamic strengths and addressing challenges. Understanding the complexities that make up each unique client, gives me the ability to ascertain the assets and resources available so that we, together, can identify suitable ways to bring about effective change. This positions the company to implement innovative solutions that result in significant impact and measurable outcomes. As a result of my work, clients have benefited from increased retention, improved systems, cohesive work environments, increased morale and engaged employees, a satisfied customer base, and a higher ROI. Because I bring my whole person to my work, I am invested in my client’s optimal success!" Val ~


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